March 26, 2015

IRL illustration #2 - Alec's Animal Alphabet quilt

On March 3rd, my sister Galen gave birth to a baby girl which she and her husband Nathan named "Wren."  My niece!  She is the first child of the next generation in my immediate family, so it was very exciting.

My amazingly talented wife Claire wanted to make a baby gift for Wren that was from both of us, so she decided to make a quilt out of my old Animal Alphabet project.  After months of of hard work at her sewing machine, the finished product is pretty incredible!

Claire's got a great post all about the quilt on her blog where you can see close-ups of some of the patches. So much work went into each one, it was an honor to see my paintings converted into these cloth creations.  We skyped with Galen and Nathan a few days ago and I was able to snap a photo of Wren having fun hanging out on the quilt.  Cute!

Although Wren is a little young to start reading, I also sent along a copy of the Alec's Animal Alphabet book, which I updated for this special occasion.

It now has an ISBN and distribution through Ingram, which means you should be able to order it from your local bookstore.  It can also be purchased on, or you can get 25% off the cover price by ordering directly from!  I even made a DRM-free .PDF eBook version which you can get for $1.99 on Gumroad.

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