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August 27, 2015

Cartozia Tales #7 cover

Okay! Claire and I are pretty well settled in Santa Fe, so it's time to start posting some illustration work again.  Thanks to everyone who bought an original watercolor and for their patience while I got all my shipping stuff set up again.  Those have all been sent out at this point, so everyone should have received them by now.  If not, shoot me an email!

Back when I was running the Basewood Kickstarter, a bunch of my comics friends were also using Kickstarter to launch a cool, new, collaborative, fantasy, all-ages comic series called Cartozia Tales.  We each helped plug each other's projects during our campaigns and I agreed to contribute something to their project at some point in the future.

That future point ended up being at the beginning of this year, when I drew the cover for Cartozia Tales #7, which is now available for ordering.  It was fun to read through the issue and to pick out an exciting moment to turn into the cover image.

If you have not been reading Cartozia Tales, this is a great time to get into the series!  They've got a "New Reader" sale going on now where you can get digital copies of the first three issues (over 125 pages of comics!) for only $2.50.  This deal ends tomorrow (8/28), so jump on it!  There are so many wonderful, talented contributors in this project.

Okay, well, I'm going to keep digging through my file of 2015 illustration work and find a few other things to post in the coming weeks!