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May 24, 2008

Harry Potter!

Well kids, here it is! My very last drawing for the Harry Potter Drawing Challenge featuring the man himself, Harry Potter!

I thought about drawing Harry in some sort of heroic, action pose (fighting off dementors, or the basilisk, or dark wizards) but really, when I think of Harry Potter, I always picture him like this; sitting in his room, brooding, stressing out about all of the tasks that lie ahead of him. This was a lot of fun to draw and I tried to cram in as much detail from the books as possible.

Now, this whole time I have been calling this Matthew Reidsma's drawing challenge, but Matt wrote in recently to let me know that it was actually JP Coovert's idea! Matthew was just nice enough to put together the master list and post links to all the contributors. Besides being a good friend, JP is also the mastermind behind One Percent Press and a fine illustrator to boot. So thanks to BOTH Matt and JP for coming up with the idea for this challenge! It was a lot of fun and I hope all of you enjoyed checking out these drawings.

I've got some "real" illustrations to share in the coming weeks and then I'm going to dive into my next illustration challenge. There's more on the way so keep checking back!

May 17, 2008


Okay, here is the penultimate post for the Harry Potter Drawing Challenge that I have been tackling. This week I had to draw He Who Must Not Be Named, which was a bit of a downer. Here he is in the graveyard with the corpse of Cedric Diggory and his pet snake Nagini.

Since this week's drawing was kind of a bummer, I thought I'd also include some 1" pin designs that I created for Harry and the Potters!

The guys will have these on sale all summer at the merch table of their Unlimited Enthusiasm tour. They're traveling all across the USA, playing 40 shows, so look for them in a town near you!

Next week will be the FINAL Harry Potter character... can you guess who it will be? :)

May 9, 2008

Professor Dumbledore

Professor Dumbledore is far and away my favorite character in the Harry Potter books, so I was pretty pumped about this week's Harry Potter Drawing Challenge. It was fun not only drawing the man himself, and Fawkes the Phoenix, but also all of the sleeping headmasters and headmistresses from years past. I tried to match colors for Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Okay, and as promised, here is the final postcard I drew for Harry and the Potters. The timing of this is nice, as they are playing a FREE SHOW tomorrow (5/10/08) at the New York Public Library! Also, people know that they can click on these smaller images to see the bigger versions, right???

Okay, there are only two more characters left to draw and then the Harry Potter madness will be over!

May 4, 2008

Professor Snape

For this week's Harry Potter Drawing Challenge I drew the mysterious Professor Snape. This is actually my second drawing of Snape. The first one was scrapped because I felt it didn't capture his duplicity well enough. I won't say much more, for fear of ruining the books for someone, but I will say that Snape is easily one of the most interesting characters in Harry Potter! There are only three more characters in the challenge, so it looks like I will be wrapping this series up by the end of May.

Also, here is the next step of my process for the Harry and the Potters postcard. This is the fully inked line art, minus the band logo, which I drew on a separate piece of bristol so it could be placed more freely with photoshop. Next week I'll post the finished piece!