May 24, 2008

Harry Potter!

Well kids, here it is! My very last drawing for the Harry Potter Drawing Challenge featuring the man himself, Harry Potter!

I thought about drawing Harry in some sort of heroic, action pose (fighting off dementors, or the basilisk, or dark wizards) but really, when I think of Harry Potter, I always picture him like this; sitting in his room, brooding, stressing out about all of the tasks that lie ahead of him. This was a lot of fun to draw and I tried to cram in as much detail from the books as possible.

Now, this whole time I have been calling this Matthew Reidsma's drawing challenge, but Matt wrote in recently to let me know that it was actually JP Coovert's idea! Matthew was just nice enough to put together the master list and post links to all the contributors. Besides being a good friend, JP is also the mastermind behind One Percent Press and a fine illustrator to boot. So thanks to BOTH Matt and JP for coming up with the idea for this challenge! It was a lot of fun and I hope all of you enjoyed checking out these drawings.

I've got some "real" illustrations to share in the coming weeks and then I'm going to dive into my next illustration challenge. There's more on the way so keep checking back!

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