July 26, 2013

Old Website Backgrounds

For the final project of my Professional Practices class at Pratt I built the first version of this illustration website.  Version 1.0 had one background illustration for each of the four sections, which were split up my medium: Digital, Acrylic, Watercolor and Pen & Ink.  Below you can see those images (click on any of them to make them bigger):


I also made this background for the initial splash page.  It was also used on the back of my business card for years.  I thought the image of a rooster, getting up at the crack of dawn to greet the day was a good representation of my work ethic and attitude.

The site was later updated to have just one portfolio section, and then eventually it morphed into its current illustration blog format.  I wonder what it'll look like next!

I am posting this old work to get it back online after I stopped using Flickr to display my illustration work.

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