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July 11, 2013

B-Sides Cover

While we are still looking at some of my recent work, I thought I would show a book cover that I drew this year for the most recent collection of my comics, which is called B-Sides: Phase 7 #012-#016.  

The idea here is that this book collects five "B-Side" issues of Phase 7 that I released while I was working on my first graphic novel Basewood.  So the front cover shows me slaving away at Basewood, while the back cover has a visual element or two from each of the issues.  Click on the image below to see it bigger.

I wanted the whole back cover to be very muted and dark, but unfortunately there are very strict rules for print on demand distribution which specify that the ISBN number must be printed black on white.  Thus I added the additional "spotlight" on the back cover, which I'm not sure makes total sense, but it gets the job done.

This book is available through or on or you can ask your local bookshop to order a copy!

Next week we'll take a look at some more of my old Flickr illustrations that were never posted on this site.

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