November 21, 2012

Bravest Warriors Issue 5 Cover!

This week over at Comics Alliance they released the variant cover I did for fifth issue of Bravest Warriors, published by BOOM Studios.  This is the new series created by Pendelton Ward (the guy who created Adventure Time) so, as you can see here, this was pretty fun to work on!

The series had yet to be released when I worked on this, so all I had to go on was the pilot and some updated character turnarounds.  It seemed to me like the core of the show was the Bravest Warriors zipping from one planet to the next, helping the various distressed aliens they meet.  So I chose to depict them jumping through their portal, having just helped one thankful planet, and heading straight into another adventure.

A few weeks ago the first episode went up, and I guess it's being released exclusively on the internet (?!) so you can go watch the whole thing.  Happy Thanksgiving this week, everybody!

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