November 14, 2012

Animation: Part 2

As I mentioned last week I have been slowly working my way through Richard Williams's excellent book The Animator's Survival Kit and doing some of the exercises.  This week I did a coin bouncing four times: in 20 frames, then 16 frames, then 13 frames, then 10 frames.  This time, the number of frames and where the coin hits are the timing, and the spacing is further apart as the coin nears the ground (speeding up) and tighter together towards the apex (slowing down). 

This animated GIF is 4.5 MB, so might take a few moments to load!

The result is not that great.  You can see where my spacing is off - especially on the first bounce (when the coin almost comes to a complete stop because the spacing is too tight) and the end of the third bounce (which is too quick) - but I learned a lot by doing this, and had a bit of fun as well.

I took this cell phone photo of my camera set up, if anyone is interested:

The next exercise will actually involve some drawing, so we'll just have to see when I will have enough time to get around to that.  It may be back to the 100 Watercolor challenge next week!

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