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October 26, 2011

100 Watercolors #18 - Rainbow

I had a much lamer idea for this theme, but as soon as I started sketching it out, the above idea jumped into my head, which was A LOT more fun!

If you can believe it, this is my 45th post this year.  That's only noteworthy because it makes this my most bloggingest year so far!  If you check the sidebar of this site, you'll see that in 2008 when I started this blog, I tried to post once every week, but I only made it to 44 posts.  This time hopefully I'll make it through the rest of this year and beyond!

I did some very tight-deadline illustration work for the Harry Potter Alliance last week which I'll share with you all in November, and it looks like Ramen Music will be using another one of my album covers in December, so I'll also have that to share.  In the meantime, I'll continue posting more of these 100 Watercolors images.  Onwards!

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