January 9, 2011

Organizational Overhaul!

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer use Flickr to display my illustrations.  Please disregard the outdated information in the post below.

Oh man, I just spent the last two days going through this ENTIRE BLOG and the illustration section of my Flickr account, to get the two to sync up!  Before when you clicked on an image in this blog, it would take you to an empty page with just the image, sometimes blown up, sometimes at the same size.  NOW when you click on (almost) any image in the blog, it will take you to the corresponding page for that image in my Flickr account, so you can view it larger, favorite it, share it, etc. etc. etc.  The only images that WON'T do this are process drawings, or sketchbook things or little images that I use for news posts.  Basically there is now a Flickr set for each label on this blog.

Here, I'll show you how it works!  While I was going through my Flickr account, I realized that I never posted these album covers that I drew for the Harry Potter Alliance.  (You can still download this compilation for FREE at www.stopbigmedia.com/potterwatch/ )

The other nice thing about this set-up is that it allows me to post the images a little bit bigger than I was before.  I also changed the design of the actual blog, to accommodate the width (though I know most of you are probably reading this via RSS).

Anyway, I found a few other things in my Flickr that I never posted in here, so I will be posting those soon, along with more gags and some other recent illustration stuff I have been doing.  There's a lot more on the way, so keep checking back!

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