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January 4, 2011

Nickelodeon Magazine Gags!

The last issue of Nickelodeon Magazine was released in December 2009.  I frequently contributed gags to Nickelodeon Magazine from 2006 to 2009.  I even had one in the very last issue!  The amazingly fair contract that Chris Duffy and Dave Roman always had me sign, stipulated that Nickelodeon had the publishing rights for these gags for a period of one year, at which point all rights reverted back to me.

Well, it's been more than a year since the last issue, which means that ALL of my gags are now mine again, to do with as I see fit!  So I thought I would post them in here, one a week, since I suspect MOST of you never got to see these in print.  And so, here was my first ever gag for Nickelodeon:

I landed my first gag assignment through my friend Karen Sneider, who is easily my favorite living gag cartoonist.  She did so many great gags for Nickelodeon and now she's doing gags for The New Yorker (!?!)  She told me that Nickelodeon always needed Desert Island Gags, so I always tried to throw in a few of those with my submissions.  On this one I guess I was channeling that old Bugs Bunny joke about digging tunnels to get somewhere, and then ending up in the weirdest places.

The coloring and layout of this gag are both pretty crude, but you'll see as I post more, I got better and better at it, thanks to some expert advice from Chris and Dave, the two best editors I ever worked with.  Well, there's more on the way!  I'll keep posting gags one a week until I run out.

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