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February 26, 2015

2014 Recap: Highlights Magazine - Part 2

This week I'm continuing to post some of my work that was published in Highlights Magazine during 2014.  The following hidden picture drawings were published in the Eagle-Eye Hidden Picture series.

First up was a page and a half illustration of the Taj Mahal that ran in issue 25 (the fold was right between the main building and that right-most tower).  I was able to sneak my wife Claire and I into the left side of the illustration as a pair of tourists, even though we have never been to India.  Maybe someday!  (click to see it bigger).

Then, in issue 26 I drew another illustration for the Gabby's Journal feature, which follows a little girl as she travels around the United States of America with her family.  In this issue they visited the Walk of Fame is Hollywood, California.  I made sure to cram in as many cars as possible into this scene, to make it feel realistic.  Also you can see that I tried to feature the star of cartoonist Charles Schulz, which seemed appropriate, since I am a cartoonist too.

Next week we'll continue the tour of American landmarks that I drew for Highlights in 2014!


Unknown said...

A protected left turn light in LA?! Did you learn nothing from living in HOA?
These are great, Alec!

Alec Longstreth said...

Ha ha, I guess you're right, Andy - it's pretty unrealistic. Consider this an idealized version of Hollywood! ;)