November 14, 2013

Deadline - met!

Tonight I finished up the big illustration project that I have been working on for the last four months.  On the day I started it, I made this chart, which is something I always do for my comics projects.  It helps me keep track of how much work there is left to do and makes it easy for me to see whether or not I'm going to finish on time.  For this chart I had to pencil all 210 illustrations (the steep line on the left) and then ink all of them (the steep line on the right).  Luckily, it all worked out and I finished exactly on time.  My comics charts almost never look this tidy.

Anyway, now that it's all over, I'm looking forward to my life getting back to normal.  I've got a pile of neglected projects that need some attention, including this blog!  I'm going to try and finish off 2013 with some weekly posts about the various illustration projects I did this year which I have not shared with you guys yet.  I'm not allowed to talk about the top secret project shown in the chart above, but as soon as I'm allowed to, I will!

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