August 7, 2013

Rejected New Yorker Cover

I moved to New York City and worked as an office temp for a year before I started attending Pratt Institute in the fall of 2005.  During that time I was trying to figure out how the illustration world worked.  Somehow I came up with the crazy scheme to send in an unsolicited cover idea to The New Yorker, fully illustrated!

I received an extremely nice, handwritten rejection notice from Fran├žois Mouly which was very exciting to me at the time.  Looking back on all of this now, I am a little horrified, but I guess you have to admire my gung-ho attitude.  Anyway, the execution is overcomplicated, but I have always enjoyed this idea (click to enlarge):

I am posting this old work to get it back online after I stopped using Flickr to display my illustration work.

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Ryan G said...

Too bad - I think it's great! Seems like a nice fit to me.