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September 7, 2011

100 Watercolors #12: Insanity

I'm not sure this one 100% makes sense, but when I was brainstorming ideas for this theme, sitting in an office 40 hours a week felt like one of the craziest things to me.  But society views a steady office job as probably THE most sane thing, so I thought I would jumble them together.  I kind of like the idea of this guy punching in every morning right at 9am and sitting there all day.

Next week's theme: Misfortune!


Jason Foster said...

Yeah! I feel like that during my work week as well! I get to walk around while teaching, but I still have to sit in the office and act professional during the week. It's kindof like a self-imposed prison. That page of art reminded me of page 8 of PHASE 7 (#016). Read it all the way through 5 minutes after you gave it to me at SPX2011! :)

Alec Longstreth said...

Thanks for the comment Jason. I hope you enjoyed Phase 7 #016