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August 3, 2011

Weezer Icons: Make Believe, The Red Album and Raditude

This week I've got another double dose of Weezer Icons, this time from their fifth, sixth and seventh studio albums.  As ever, I'll put descriptions below for those of you who are not hardcore Weezer fans!

In comics order:  1) The "weeze" T-shirt from the end of the Perfect Situation video, which Karl modifies with a sharpie, to make the first "weezer" T-shirt  2) That famous sign for the song Beverly Hills  3) a perscription bottle, for the song We Are All on Drugs  4) The chorus from the song Peace  6 - 9) these drawings are of the Weezer band members, based on their personas from the cover of The Red Alubm.  I like to think of them as "Badass Brian" "Professor Pat" "Cowboy Cuomo" and "Stylin' Scott" :P

In comics order:  1) a can of Pork and Beans  2) one of the cows that Rivers's friends used to tip over, from the song Everybody Get Dangerous  3) Rivers's parents Tercel, which he drove 65 in a 25 zone, also from  Everybody Get Dangerous  4) Heart Songs  5) Some new ninja sword, ALSO from Everybody Get Dangerous, which I guess has a lot of awesome imagery that I was picking up on  6) Pig, which was a bonus track for The Red Album, but which I moved into regular rotation  7) Sydney the jumping dog from the cover of Raditude  8) the official Weezer handsign thrown up at weezer concerts.

I've only got one more set of Weezer icons to upload next week, which will bring us up to the present day in terms of Weezer's musical output.  Until then, have a rocking week everyone!


Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing these images Alec. I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of each icon.

Alec Longstreth said...

Thanks Danielle! I'm glad you're enjoying them.