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August 11, 2011

Weezer Icons: Hurley

Today I am posting the last batch of Weezer Icons which covers Weezer's latest studio album, Hurley.  There are also a few bonus icons.  Descriptions below!

In comics order:  1) my drawing of the Hurley album cover  2) A weezer soccer ball, from the bonus track Represent, which Weezer wrote for the USA Men's World Cup team  3) "playing hacky sack, back when AudioSlave was still rage" from Memories  4) a Moog synthesizer, a brand of keyboard sometimes used by Weezer over the years  5) the lightning bolt guitar strap that Rivers uses.

So there you have it.  61 icons in all!  I hope you all enjoyed seeing these.

Next week I will change it up again and show a new project... or maybe an old project with some new work in it!