May 17, 2011

Nickelodeon Gag #14

Oh jeez, this is kind of embarrassing.  The next gag which I have to share with you, which was published in Nickelodeon Magazine way back in 2008, is a desert island gag, involving a tsunami.  Please take my word for it, this was a pretty funny idea three years ago when I came up with it.

NOW, Of course, we know that tsunamis are not funny AT ALL, and that they are absolutely, terrifyingly, horrifically destructive.  I thought that I should just skip this gag and not show it, but then John Martz had a blog post yesterday about a bunch of artists who are donating their art for an auction in which 100% of the money raised goes to AmeriCares to help with Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

So I decided to post this after all, to let you all know about the auction!  All the pieces are listed on eBay and there is some really great stuff in there.  If you like my illustrations and comics, I have no doubt you will find something that you will want to bid on.  Especially for such a good cause!  Some of the auctions are running out soon, so please head over and check it out.  I already placed my bid, and just in case I don't win, I donated some money to the AmeriCares link above as well.  Please think about doing the same!

Next week, I will have something slightly less embarrassing to post!  (I hope!)

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