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March 24, 2011

National Geographic Kids Gags #4 & #5

This week I thought I'd post my last two gags that I drew for National Geographic Kids in 2007.

The first gag was published in the June 2008 issue, and plays off one of my favorite animal facts; that cheetahs can run like sixty miles an hour.  I remember reading about that once as a kid, and then whenever I was in the car with my parents, driving on the freeway, I would think, "a cheetah could pass us right now!"  But what if the cheetah was going too fast?

The second gag was printed in the May 2008 issue, and it's pretty straightforward.  Bats hanging upside down is funny, right?

I should apologize here for my very North-America-centric view of the world.  When I was in Australia in 2002, I remember seeing these maps of the world for sale in various shops that had all the continents printed "up-side-down" so that Australia was at the top and center of the map.  Really, with a spinning orb, floating in space, it's all pretty relative!  Have you heard of the Peter's Projection Map?

Next week I will FINALLY post the "gag epiphany" I was talking about a few weeks ago, and you will see a drastic change in my approach to gag making!

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