March 3, 2011

National Geographic Kids Gag #1

Whoops, the "gag epiphany" I spoke of last week will have to wait for a few more posts.  This week I (very carfefully!) reread my old gag contracts with National Geographic Kids, and it looks like the rights for those gags have also reverted back to me, so I'll be posting them here.  In keeping with a chronological presentation of my "gag career" (thus far!) I'll post a few more that I drew in 2006, before we move on to 2007.  I hope people are enjoying these gags!

Here was my first gag for National Geographic Kids, which wasn't actually published until June of 2008:

I often feel like this old spider, complaining to my students about the internet!  Originally that little spider had fangs, but they made me take them out, and for some reason I was to remove the "ball hands" from the grandpa, but it was okay to leave them on the kid spider.  National Geographic preferred to credit me in type on the published page, so my signature has been added here.

This was another great gag gig that I found out about through my friend Karen Sneider (who now does gags for the New Yorker!?!).  2006 was a pretty exciting time for me, getting gags printed in two major magazines.  I guess I got to enjoy those last couple years of the magazine heyday, before stuff started closing down.   Unless I'm mistaken, I think National Geographic Kids is still running though!

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V said...

totally still running! That's so awesome!