October 31, 2012

100 Watercolors #50 - Breaking the Rules

Whooooa oh! I'm half way there.  50 themes down, 50 themes to go!  I have already learned a lot by doing these watercolors, and I'm excited to continue learning more as I go.

If you're looking at this image, thinking, "People don't really cut in line like that!" I'm sad to say that they do.  I used to see this kind of thing all the time when I lived in New York.  It was so aggravating!  So I'll just take this chance to say, if you knowingly cut in line when you were a kid, I'm sorry that you were so insecure that you thought that being a jerk would make you feel better.  If you knowingly cut in line as an adult, you are a dirtbag, and nobody likes you or your sense of entitlement!

Next week's theme: Sport!

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