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April 4, 2012

Basewood Cover Design: Part 3

So far we've seen my very first idea for the Basewood cover and a second round of ideas, which were still trying to show as little of the story as possible.  At this point in the cover design process, I gave up on trying to hide all of the story surprises; anything was fair game!

Up until now, I was composing ideas off the top of my head, but those ideas were running out.  So before I dove into the next round of thumbnails and sketches, I took a trip to the Schulz Library to look at a bunch of book covers.  Whenever I saw one that I thought was interesting, I snapped a photo with my cell phone.  I also took a lap around to grab some book covers from the same genre as Basewood (Adventure/Fantasy).  I compiled the best of these images into a contact sheet which I printed out and taped to my drawing board:

Inspired by these compositions, I dove into another round of sketches, which I tried to make more dynamic and exciting.  Once again, I colored the sketches, mostly because I was having a hard time imagining how these images from Basewood (which is in black and white) would work in color.


I really liked the idea of the inset frame in the first drawing, but the guys at L'employ√© du Moi thought it was too complicated.  As for the rest of these drawings, they thought they were heading in the right direction, but that I could push them a bit farther.  So it was back to the drawing board yet again!

So next week we'll see how far I can push these designs.  Also, with a little help from my friends, I will correct some serious mistakes that I have been making so far!

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Beth Hetland said...

Wow covers are hard work. They are looking good, can't wait to see what you produce next!