March 14, 2012

100 Watercolors #31 - Flowers

Claire and I have two rabbits, Patty and Selma.  As you can see here, they are very cute:

Patty & Selma

We often feed them our food scraps, which they love, especially carrot ends, celery, bits of apple, broccoli stems, kale, lettuce, etc. etc.  I'm telling you this to set up a mistake I made on this week's theme.  I was doodling various ideas for flowers, when it dawned on me that it would be very cute to show a whole field of flowers and then a happy little bunny in one corner munching away at them.  Here is the result of that idea:

When I showed this to Claire, she looked at it for half a second and then said, "Tulips are poisonous to rabbits."  !!?!  It turns out, rabbits can't eat any flowers that grow from a bulb.  Who knew?!  Not me...  Oh well, let's just imagine that's a whole field of some very weird looking dandelions, shall we?

Next week I'm going to start posting about the Basewood cover design process, but this week I want to tell you guys about a great new book that just came out!  It is none other than Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth by my good friend Jon Chad.

This book was one of my all-time favorite minicomics, and I am so excited that it will now be available to a wider readership.  When I was a kid, I used to love to draw cross-sections of elaborate underground tunnels with secret underground forts.  Well, Leo Geo is the ultimate expression of those drawings.  The book opens vertically so you can follow Leo Geo from the top of the page allllllll the way down to the bottom.  Along the way, Leo Geo rattles off all kinds of interesting geology facts.  If you have a kid in your life who's into science even a little bit, they will love the adventure, humor and drawings in this book!

Jon has also reworked his website so that it is now the home of the Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science.  He has been posting all kinds of stuff, including his jaw-dropping Leo Geo pinball machine which is not to be missed!

Next week: Basewood Cover Thumbnails!

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