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July 22, 2010

Ramen Music #1 Cover

Today, my old friend Sudara launched which is one of the coolest ideas for a music website ever.  It's going to be kind of like a bi-monthly music anthology and it takes the standard music business model (where the label keeps almost all of the money, and the artist gets very little) and turns it on its head.  You can read a lot more about it on the site, and you should, because Sudara is one of the most brilliant guys I've ever met.  (He's also the mastermind behind if you've heard of that).

So when Sudara came to me at the beginning of this year and asked if I would like to do some art for Ramen Music, I LEAPED at the chance.  It met all of my criteria for an illustration DREAM job:

1) I got to work with a close friend, whom I respect and admire.
2) I had complete creative control.  (the only requirement was that the images somehow related to music)
3) The illustration would be used to help a project that I really believed in, and wanted to succeed.

Below is the first cover I drew, which they will be using for the very first "issue" of Ramen Music, which will be out in September.

I did four other covers, which I will post as they are used on the site.  For now, please go check out  You can sign up for a subscription, or if you are a musician, you can submit your songs for review.  If they are accepted, you will be paid well for your work!

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